About Us

About company


Founded in 2000, Inchone Pte Ltd is a leading provider of online learning and training systems that enables organisations to transform knowledge into workplace productivity. It continually leverages the significant experience and expertise of its people in learning, software and product developments to deliver top quality, efficient and cost-effective learning systems for the clients. Its major clients come from all industries, corporations, government, education and non-profit organizations.

Based in Singapore, Inchone has 2 other regional offices in Malaysia and China.

Our Vision

To be a thought leader in learning technologies.

Our Mission

We will innovate to build learning communities, nurture leaders at all levels in the organisation, and adopt best practices to ensure that Inchone stays ahead.

Our Values

Corporate Values:
Our team of responsive, passionate and trustworthy people are always ready to serve our clients’ learning and training needs and to ensure that we deliver what our brand stands for; the simplification in training and learning

Core Values:
While we continue to build successful learning communities by focusing on our clients, it is crucial that we strengthen our relationships internally through close communications, warm friendship and strong commitment to Inchone.