i3Corporate is a comprehensive web-based Learning Management System (LMS) that acts as a closed-loop corporate training solution — and is designed to be the organization's entryway into all available learning resources. The design is structured to support both traditional event-driven programs (e.g., Instructor-Led Training, Web- Based Training, etc.) as well as newer continuous learning options (e.g., discussion forums, chat sessions, etc.).

The LMS leverages web technologies to enable the organization to selectively "push" content to targeted segments of, while also allowing individuals the ability to "pull" content based on specific needs. Content can include Instructor-Led Training programs, Web-Based Training applications, e-mail updates, online job aids, discussion forums, facilitated chat sessions, SME inputs, e-mail support, and others.

The LMS creates an online social learning environment by integrating self-directed materials with supplementary resources and optional collaborative interactions.

The e-Community's "human element" can be enhanced using a series of collaborative tools that include live chats, discussions, and live virtual classes. Corporate Training Departments find our solutions powerful enough to augment their educational offerings, enriching and expanding the scope of instruction delivery and assimilation. The platform can be customised to custom-fit every requirement at an affordable cost. In addition, the e- Learning platform is flexible enough to add on extra features whenever a requirement arises, without disrupting existing features or operations.

Key Features and Functionalities
- Provides a corporate-based framework for e-Learning
- Enables organisations to measure employee training performance
- Can be managed completely by an instructor without frequent intervention by the platform administrator.
- Coursework can be enabled for individuals or groups of, employees and assessments status can be preset to be graded automatically
- Can be further customized to suit any other extra training needs at a nominal feel
- Customised interface & Functions Low operational costs Secure login and access
- Online Helpdesk available
- Easy operation & navigation
- Built-in Communication Tools
- 24 X 7 Accessibility