i3Campus is custom-made for educational institutions. In response to consistent feedback from customers, the campus edition sports new features such as a more extensive course management system, a coursework component system and a grade set management system.

i3Campus enables the efficient delivery of high quality online education. With a complete set of easy-to-use teaching and learning tools for course development, course delivery, and course management. i3Campus provides the best system for student learning and the most efficient solution for faculty of all experience levels. Built on standards-based technology, this scalable system easily integrates seamlessly with existing campus infrastructure, offering a superior solution for campus-wide deployment. This edition of the LMS is being used by an increasing number of our clients and has received excellent comments from many users.

Key Features and Functionalities
- Provides a campus-based framework for e-Learning
- Enables schools to measure individual, group, class and school performance
- Can be managed completely by instructors without frequent intervention of the platform administrator
- An automatic grading system can be set for assessments
- Can be further customized to suit any other extra feature or module the institution easily at a minimal cost
- 24 x 7 accessibility to the material via standard internet browser