Inchone Volunteer Training Management System ( i3VTMS ) is a web-enabled tool that manages the training of a large group of volunteers who are assigned to various roles in large-scale national or sporting events. Thousands of people are usually recruited at different stages and over a period of time to help manage, operate and oversee various activities to ensure complete success of such events.

The major challenge faced by organizers is to make sure that the volunteers are effectively trained specific to their roles and completed within a very tight schedule. Besides, knowledge and skills need to be consistently transferred to the volunteers regardless of when they are recruited. The i3VTMS provides just the tool that allows event organizers to manage, track and measure the training of volunteers.

Key Features and Functionalities
- Provides role-based access for various types of users
- Tracks and measures learning of volunteers by specific roles, groups and organizations they belong to (a key differentiator or USP)
- Supports online assessment and auto-grading
- Identifies previous training undertaken by volunteers and consequently, assign the new set of training should the roles of volunteers have been changed
- Supports all types of content, individual and group registrations
- Allows deployment of course evaluation and auto-compiles responses (quantitative and qualitative)
- Allows control of number of access either by different groups, at different times or at different sites. This means moderated access by different groups of volunteers according to their training requirements and timeline. At the same time, it ensures the high server availability to meet specific training needs of volunteers at peak durations
- Provides a wide array of reports that help organizers measure effectiveness of training at different levels of measurement, usage patterns of volunteers, assessment scores of volunteers, feedback reports among others.
- Multiple Views – the learner management module is able to be managed in multiple views, as well as to interface with various manpower systems to retrieve updates of learner profile on daily basis
- Priority Queuing System – the access control module has a built-in priority queuing engine which allows instructors to allocate the appropriate number of concurrent access to different contingents based on the training timeline requirement. This ensures high level of server responsiveness by regulating learner access during peak period
- Learning History Storage – i3VTMS handles changes in the role learning content assignment and retains learning history in accordance with the training modules assigned to each role. The learning history for common subjects in the previous role are carried forward if the role changes within a specific stipulated period